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No speed limit v1.25
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No speed limit v1.25

This will show you how to get no speed limit and no fines and it's not hard at all.

Now before you do anything this is NOT a mod but there is a file did you download did you need to change for no speed limit and no fines. now all of this will be in the read me file

1.Go to you documents.

2.Then go to Euro truck simulator 2, It might be right there or it might also be in my games.

3.Then go to profiles and then you will see file folders named with numbers and letters and there will only be one if
you only have one profile Which Means if you have more than one profile each of the folders in profiles will be for
one of the profiles.

4.Then go into one of the profiles you want to have no speed limit and no fines in (remember you can not do this to the
whole game)

5.Then delete the file and replace it with config.cgf the one in the file you downloaded.

And if you want to see whats in All Those files you see there just open them with notepad: because there just text files


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