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Northern Scandinavia Standalone Map v0.981 BETA
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Northern Scandinavia Standalone Map v0.981 BETA

New version officially released! This new version was dedicated to fix the intersection between Vikan and Tverlandet Bridge.

– The installation is very simple. If you have my map mod already, replace all the new three files with the existing ones.
– Make sure you set the game module on “Test1.mdb”, not “europe.mdb”, or the game will just crash, because this is a standalone map which is replacing the original map.

Bugs fixed:
No bugs discovered in previous version(v0.98), except that this is a fix for the v0.98 that i mentioned myself that there was just 2 or three bugs in it. That is fixed.

Bugs that are not fixed:
– Location of the map
– Correct value while passing toll stations
– Rain in some tunnels
– Truck dealer at Fauske

– 1.16.x versions
– Not tested on v1.15, because of new prefabs that are released by FLD

New features in v 0.981:
– More construction sites along the Rv80 road. Some scenery added outside Bodø, lamp posts etc…
– Fuel station added at Alstad. It is along the Rv80 road leading out of Bodø(not through the Bodø Tunnel).
– The new 4-lane Rv80 road between Vikan and Hunstad will be opened in v1.0

New cities:
– No new ones from the previous version (v0.98)


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