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NTM Semi and Full-Trailers v1.4.1 by Kast
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NTM Semi and Full-Trailers v1.4.1 by Kast

NTM Trailers (semi/full) v1.4.1 for Ets2 1.31.x game version.

There is two variants of the mod: one have only semitrailers and other mod includes the full-trailers.
One addon to extend the dolly drawbar for the trucks that have trailer hook under the truck.
All the trailers have two variants, one with Thermoking cooler and one without it.
I hope everything works and there is no major bugs.

New changes 1.4.1:
- vertex paint and AO texture changes

Changes 1.4:
- Fixes

- Standalone
- Advanced coupling
- Trailer lift axle
- Company paintjob system
- Animated braces
- Trailer cables
- for 1.31.x game version

*Special thanks to Abasstrepas and 50keda for the wheels.
Ogentor and ReyhanRamadhan for the amazing skins

Kast - Trailers
SCS - Everything


Abasstrepas - original textured high poly model
50keda - creation of lowpoly model & new textures

Tandem small:

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