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[Official] Physics v4.2.11 Snow Edition (Support for new Scanias 1.30)
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[Official] Physics v4.2.11 Snow Edition (Support for new Scanias 1.30)

This mod is the same with Physics 4.2.11 normal edition, but this Snow Edition just adds wheel slip effect to simulate driving in the snow as in real life. It is recommended to use with my “Alive Traffic Snow Edition”.

1. Wheel slip when turning at high speed (you should experience a lot of under-steering from 80 kmh and higher)
2. Slower acceleration rate due to the wheel slip.
3. Slower hill climbing due to the wheel slip.
4. The wheel slip effect is NOT applied to the AI vehicles.

– Give this mod TOP priority above all other mods.
– Enable “Physics Camera” and slide its bar to max.
– “Trailer Stability” set to min.
– You may need to test to re-adjust the steering sensitivity/non linearity depending on your controller.
– For 900 degree wheels, 0% sensitivity and 0 – 50% non-linearity.
– For 270 degree wheels, 50% sensitivity and 100% non-linearity.
– “Braking intensity” recommended at 0 – 30% for Logitech Steering Wheels.
– For users who use a keyboard or joypad to steer, you may need to test and re-adjust the scale.

– Game patch 1.30, 1.28, 1.27 compatible.
– NOT compatible with any other physics mod.
– Compatible with my “Air Ride A Series” mod. (The Air Ride must be higher)
– All original SCS trucks fully compatible.
– Fully Compatible with Scania RJL.

Momo, Yuna

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