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Online Fuel Price Updater v1.3.0
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Online Fuel Price Updater v1.3.0

This mod will be automatically updating fuel price (and currency exchange rates if necessary) in each country according to values provided by http://www.fuel-prices-europe.info/. Additionally fuel prices are multiplied by 1.08 for more realistic values (at least for Poland and Hungary)

1) Just double click on install.cmd file
1.1) If you are using 64 bit windows open following file in notepad
InstallDir-Windows 64bit.reg
otherwise open
InstallDir-Windows 32bit.reg
2) Enter correct path to Euro Truck Simulator 2
By default game should be installed in following location
"InstallDir"="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\Euro Truck Simulator 2"
3) Save file and run it.
4) Now you can click on install.cmd file

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will have to repeat last step (install.cmd) after updating to newer version of the game.


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