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Open Pipe for all Trucks v10.0
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Open Pipe for all Trucks v10.0

My “Open Pipe for all Trucks v 10” is here.

I’ve remade it almost from scratch.
● Gear air sound
● Air brake sound
● Engine start sound
● Log clean 100%.
● New HD & Clean Sound
● New Gear air sound
● Trucks / AI transit bus given more variations of sounds (turbo engines, speed changes).
● New Engine sound
● New Transmission Specs.
● New Air brake sound
● New Tires sound

New trucks:
50 Keda DAF XF
MAN TGX By Madster
All SCS standard trucks!
* ETS2 1.30.1 No errors in game log. Must have high priority in Mod Manager.
I will create a new version soon
Enjoy it.


  • Stolen
    2018-04-08 17:45
    Mod from zukiko aka frederique410 and others.STOLEN MATERIAL !!!
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