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Pacton Container Pack v2.1
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Pacton Container Pack v2.1

Standalone trailer for 1.27

Trailers included:
empty chassis, 20ft and 40ft
2x 20ft chassis with 18 Skins each
40ft container
40ft high cube container
40 ft reefer container
45ft container
(I think) 30ft tank container.
All Trailers with all skins in traffic !!!
Model is quite high poly but runs well on my GTX660 2gig,

original Trailer: Richal Lechuza/Donaldboy Trailer re-Edit: MarcDo Containers and Skins: EED123, Tony1971, Holly, Samson, SheryO, Nordisch, Pauli, Arnook, Reyhan Ramadhan, Roadhunter, Capelle, Gordon_Gecko, MarcDo License plate illumination: Ohaha Marker Lights: Powerkasi Wheels: Abasstreppas Author: MarcDo

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    Mod from 2015I upload fake
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