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Pagani Huayra Bc Sports Car
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Pagani Huayra Bc Sports Car

If we come to the characteristics of the vehicle:
1) There are 8 adeet interiors in the vehicle and 8 exterior depending on it.
2) There is a ao mapping.
3) There are modifiable disk firenler booties.
4) The car model is of very good quality (Proect cars are taken from the game.

Now we should write down what passed on: D;
Animations: Mert Kerem Belen / By_KeReM (I thank him very much when I had problems with my problems)
Helpful in every way: FurkanSevke (Thank you very much for helping me)
Umut Uzunkaş: Why I started the car: p
Vehicle testers: Shamil Varan and Tolga Duyar

Game Convert: Kadir Yağız

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