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Patch Kenworth K200 1.22
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Patch Kenworth K200 1.22

A beautiful sight seen on Australia and New Zealand Roads. The Kenworth K200 has become very popular. This is a extremely nice model to drive with more options and updates being added over time.

Registered in the Iveco Dealership. Is found in the company's orders. Is present in the Trucks Gallery.

Has real engines, (Cummins, Cummins ISX, Cat, and Paccar)
Interior cabin with right and left-hand drive,
And additional controls,
Own Skins, Metellic Coloring and templates for editing.

Chassis: 6x2, 6x4

What's new:

1. Added new engines and the sound of them: Cat C15, Cat 3406, Cummins ISX, Cummins Signature, Paccar. Author kriechbaum. 
2. Fixed dachport on the radio and other errors. 
3. Adaptation to the new version of the game (1.20) 
4. Change of the registration 
5. Altered taillights. 
6. The frame is now a choice of two colors. 
7. Fine-tuned exhaust pipe through the lumen. 
8. Added a box against the lumen behind the cab. 
9. Removed navigator with a non-existent external cab truck. 
10. Chrome Removed inscription in the interior and backup dachport speed on the instrument board.
System Requirements:

Please make sure you have minimum system requirement or you will experience serious lag and the game may be unplayable.

4Gigs of RAM
GTX700 Graphics Card or similar

jekich1, SCS: - 3D model.
Stas556: - conversion and setup.
kriechbaum: - sounds, engines and transmissions.
Mishanka: - other parameters.
Fire-Blade (Îëåã Verhovodov ): - Model of interior
Gerald Hardie: - Technical support.
Mick Brown: - Grille, Accessories
Robert Bogdanov : - Interior textures, template for skisn
Fox071rus: - Interior dashboard model
Dave Burgess: - Skins
Knox: - dashboard TV & GPS

  • Mutlu
    2015-11-28 15:10
  • Mutlu
    2015-11-28 15:11
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  • Daniel
    2015-11-28 23:58
    Game crash :-(
  • Keith
    2015-11-29 08:08
    Hey John, Nice going with RTA Truck MODS. I guess you did not read the rules on there web site it states and i say states All files are uniquely embedded with your own unique ID. If you share - the Mod will be disabled and your account will be locked. Files are not to be shared, gifted or sold. Only buy if you agree to abide these Terms and Conditions.. So as i say YOU HAVE BEEN REPORTED AND ALL YOUR MOD PURCHED FROM RTA WILL BE DISABLED AND YOUR ACCOUNT LOCK AND SHUT DOWN.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Stas556
    2015-11-30 12:57
    Hi,I am one of the creators of truck. You don´t have permission to upload this truck for free please delete this truck or there will be legal action against you.Thanks
  • Space cam
    2015-11-30 15:36
    you guys need to free up the mod like every one else and stop unu crap
  • Stas556
    2015-11-30 18:07
    For Space Cam:We will not leave free or public this truck because it costs us money buy the original models.If you want this truck is free, you should build this truck from scratch.Bye
  • Space cam
    2015-11-30 21:37
    To STAS556: Okay, understandable.
  • Space cam
    2015-11-30 21:47
    you creators must can make these trucks like real life experience in most if not everything that a driver do like open and close doors when entering and exiting, window can open and close, changeable wipers, create mods that allows you see your fleet of trucks. what happen to creating suv and small trucks like hummer, ford 250 etc.
  • Stas556
    2015-12-01 11:10
    For Space Cam:Some time ago I uploaded my mods to public servers but I realized that other people modified these mods and attributed credits and these people not mentioning me in the credits and saying that the mod was his creation for this reason many modders we have created a group and we have put our mods of pay because nobody likes to do one thing and other person will lead the merits of that work without having made this thing.
  • Space cam
    2015-12-01 17:44
    At STAS556: Oooooh, this is how these mfs operate. so is there a way when someone make a mod it can be done in away it can not be remodeled or altered?
  • Rj53
    2016-01-04 16:50
    Yeah stas556 go ahead and take legal actions, you are braking law by selling a copyrighted brand for money. Try to take legal actions and I bet you'll here from Kenworth and Renult.
  • Dirt devil
    2016-12-14 13:40
    Legal actions my ass. They don't have any rights to that truck anyway, just as I don't have when I update it and give it away unlocked.. Merry X-mas to everyone.
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