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Pauly's ETS2 Paintshop
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Pauly's ETS2 Paintshop

Well im here to show you guys a few of my skins that ive made for ETS2,i like to do this in my spare time and from time to time i will share my skins with everyone else,others i like to keep for my own personal use.
Would be good to get feedback from you guys and tell me what you think of my work.
The CAT Skin below has been asked for by a few people so i thought it was time i shared it so people can enjoy on there truck like i do on mine.


  • Cameron
    2015-09-23 20:01
    very nice skin mate thanks for sharing
  • Cwboy
    2015-09-23 23:26
    buddy that's BAD ASS good work
  • Matt
    2015-09-23 23:44
    ur down load dont work nothing shows up
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