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Pegaso Troner v5.0 [1.28]
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Pegaso Troner v5.0 [1.28]

This mod includes the Pegaso Troner V5.0

Improvements over previous versions:
Front lights fixed
Front and door badges aggregates
Right mirror fixed
Front wheels fixed
Added the flag of Spain (DLC National Window Flags required to work)
Skined to make your own skins
Little bugs solved

Known bugs that will be addressed:
The wipers on the outside does not move and on the inside if, but not clean

Pegaso Troner V5.0
Skin & Template ( 2 PSD & JPG Be able to make own skin)

Base Author: Tolik_mfk
Author Design and Creation: ETS2MOD-TEAM (Nestor, Rombec1977, ETS2MOD)
Author Modification v.2.0: Indomable
Author Modification v.2.1: ETS2MOD
Author Modification v.5.0: ETS2MOD, Angel Otelo
Inside: Original Creator Man F2000: Chech - Modification: ETS2MOD
Gloves: in_flames05
Functional in 1.28 & Fix: ETS2MOD, Angel Otelo

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