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Penguins Trailer and CargoPack 2.5.2 for 1.23 & 1.24
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Penguins Trailer and CargoPack 2.5.2 for 1.23 & 1.24

There are 16 new trailers added 16 new companies arrived
I have made again some 'old' trailers partly extensive design changes. In particular, I have rebuilt some Krone trailers in Schmitz-Universal and Fruehauf IceLiner. The Fruehauf IceLiner are restarted in the pack.
There are 16 new trailers of 16 new companies signed agreements, so the new pack will insert 266 trailer and freight of 215 companies add!
This pack replace as always my previous Pack (2.5.1)! So not both activate together!
It runs under ETS2 version 1.23 and 1.24 and is compatible with other trailer / CargoPacks. Tested together with all Jazzycat packs.
What is missing is the Advanced Saddle-function, and the crank animation 1.24.
The preview includes only the last sixth of the trailer, in the download file, all six thumbnails.
I wish you much fun with it! And who has suggestions or requests: email me (address is on the ReadMe and in the info file in the mod.

Grundlage sind die Matdom1988 Trailer 'KRONE ProfiLiner', 'CoolLiner', 'Fridge', 'Fuel-, 'Chemical', 'Cement-' and 'Food-Cistern', Rommi TZ Schmitz, MD-Modding Container und Fridge1, sowie Fruehauf IceLiner von Niksari Elitesquad Modz.
Dank an KaLeu57 für seinen Idee-Kaffee Darboven' Entwurf und den 'Emons'-Container!
Bearbeitet mit Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator und ETS2 Studio..

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