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Penguins Trailer and CargoPack v3.6
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Penguins Trailer and CargoPack v3.6

Here is the current version of my Penguins Trailer and CargoPack, Version 3.6.
It's compatible with ETS2 TO 1.28 and doesn't show neither any warnings nor any errors under 1.30 beta!

Version 3.6 contains 350 standalone trailers of 337 companies with adequate cargos.
- 15 new trailer types
- 15 old trailers removed
- 2 old trailers re-designed

Find the names of removed trailers in ReadMe-file.
Pack runs on ETS2 v. 1.28 + 1.30 beta and tolerates other trailer packs. Tested in common with all Jazzycat packs.


  • Hh-penguin
    2017-12-01 18:55
  • Hh-penguin
    2017-12-01 18:56
  • Hh-penguin
    2017-12-01 18:57
    thank you stealing my mod slavik, how would it be I'm stealing yours, moron
  • Guest
    2017-12-01 19:49
    PENGUIN,this SLAVIKSD often asks you questions on the SCS forum,read and you will understand who all the time steals your mod.
  • Sory87
    2017-12-02 10:03
    this pack with eaa map not working please add a fix for thisall trailers pack not works with eaa map
  • Hh-penguin
    2017-12-02 13:31
    First: The first comments are in fact signed with name 'HH-Penguin', but were NOT made by me! Although the substantive statement is [email protected]: I do know SlavikSD from SCS forum, but I couldn't believe he re-uploads my pack... Will contact him, Maybe, somebody abuses his name, such as somebody did with mine, as I wrot above...
  • Hh-penguin
    2017-12-02 13:33
    @SORY87: I use Promods, Poland Rebuilding, Rusmap, Paris rebuilt, Southern Region, RK Great Steppe and on another profile TSM-map, where my pack runs fine. I don't use EAA and I won't adapt my pack to it.
  • Cruise
    2017-12-02 14:20
    @Hh-penguin: SlavikSD here and SlavikSD from SCS forum the same person
  • Hh-penguin
    2017-12-02 15:05
    @cruise: Strange! I just contacted him - waiting for an answer. Of course, I am very surprised about that. I knew him as a nice guy and had a few conversations with him in the past. He must know, that I don't like re-uploads with other DL-links! It's not because of the few Euros for downloads, but I want to have a complete overview of the amount of downloads. I can't understand the reasons for re-uploading! The few Euros for downloads cannot really be the reason...
  • Hh-penguin
    2017-12-02 15:33
    @cruise: It's not the same person! Slavik just answered! His name 'SlavikSD' also was abused by some bad guy, similar to somebody did it with my name. It's unfortunately easy on the internet...
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