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Peterbilt 351 Edit By TheRustyRagDoll 1.18x
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Peterbilt 351 Edit By TheRustyRagDoll 1.18x

Little Tweak To The JSSA-Team´s Fantastic Peterbilt 351!
-Added a Chip Tuned Detroit Diesel Engine with a Exclusive Sound By Kriechbaum and Matt_Streamline.
-Lowered Front Suspension a Bit (it was ridiculously high).
-Tuned front Headlights (some paint was covering it on a corner)
Attention: You might not be able to pull a Trailer with more than 50tons,
because the front lifts up a bit….(i still haven´t figured that out)

Model Credits: JSSA-Team

TheRustyRagdoll; JSSA-Team; Kriechbaum;

TheRustyRagdoll; JSSA-Team; Kriechbaum;

  • Jb


    2015-11-26 05:37
    It can pull heavy loads just gotta go easy on the gas. The tach ramp from 3rd to 4th is a bit rough but can be managed aslong as you don't peg it to the floor ... on,off,pop....gas.
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