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Peterbilt 379 v2.5
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Peterbilt 379 v2.5

ok guys at long last here is the new version of the peterbilt 379v2.5
compatible with ets2 and ats but with ets2 do not hit I u will crash plus there nothing in the truck to hit I for and when u are in flat top sleeper mode and u go to interior and u hit the seat node and u see a juliette pop up look behind u shes ready willing and able lol
ok template is in the scs file i find it easier to make a skin dor each cab so it can be lined up better i will try and find someone to fix it so it can be perfect but until then hope u have fun and enjoy credits are in the read me but new credits

new to the truck
day cab
3 new chassis
new fenders
blinking on the hood
alot of textures
moved hood mirrors foward


  • Ducsnoopy
    2017-01-15 17:18
    HelloSuperb mods, it is really super good apart from two or three small thing that it misses inside cabin, but that it misses the most it is a bigger engine because 650 Cv with a trailer plus the weight of the tractor In this vrsion of the photos that I put to you its light fact.Otherwise as mentioned above apart from two or three little thing you really super well succeeded and it is really complete on the outside. Great job.DucSnoopy
  • Dustin
    2017-07-07 07:32
    uh looks nice I like peterbilt three seventy nines
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