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Peterbilt 387 1.22.x
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Peterbilt 387 1.22.x

Update 1:
* Added plate drivers
* New pages bortovik odometer, speed, cruise control (two odometer can not be added, so for those who want to leave the old bortovik, he is alone in the archive with the mod, it also adds speed cruise control)
* Fix the mat on the front of the skirt
* Added chrome mirror
* Added a navigator and a new slot in the first embodiment of the passenger compartment;
* Fixed the speedometer
* Fixed location pennants
* Fixed color door pillars at coloring in metallic
* Fixed shadow under Trakom
* Added two slots for flashing beacons at the edges of a sleeping bag
* Replaced the texture of the floor in the cabin
* Mapping of raindrops on the windows of a sleeping bag.

Гоша Мотор, Dmitry68, Kirilloid22, Ch_Vitalik

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