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Physics 2 Snow Edition + Winter Mod 1.27.x
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Physics 2 Snow Edition + Winter Mod 1.27.x

This Real Life Physics Snow Edition is excactly the same with its normal edition. But this Snow Edition adds slipperly effect on the roads at a realistic level (not too much like other mods). So you use only one edition at a time. (Disable the other edition).

It simulates realistic snow covered roads. If you are familiar with driving snowy roads in real life and drive cautiously as you would drive in real life, you should be fine. But if you have never driven on a snowy road before, here is my advice:
1. You cannot take a tight curve or make a turn at 90 km/h any more , your truck will skid and if you have no experience your truck will spin.
2. It takes longer distance to break or stop the truck.
3. Do not turn rapidly, do turn smoothly.
4. Climbing hills is no problem, but it may be slower than in summer.
5. Do use engine break, retarder and trailer break when appropriate, they are now your best friends.
6. Be careful not to apply too much throttle especially when turning or taking curves.
7. Now it is worth upgrading your tyres if you want better grip and more speed. But if you want to feel the slipperly effect fully, don't upgrade your tyres.

it has the following features
Replaced roads
Replaced grass
Replaced soils
Replaced rocks
Replaced terrain
Replaced tree

Update (v0.2)
Added snow textures
Added new sounds

Kenesoljas,MOMO & YUNA

  • Cengel
    2017-06-22 09:26
    how can i get that double trailer?
  • Guest
    2017-06-22 17:37
    @Cengel Do not you see that this is not a game screenshot, but a photo from real life
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