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Physics by Ageratus v3.1 1.22
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Physics by Ageratus v3.1 1.22

Physics default trucks v 3.1
-increase, Impact transverse to the longitudinal axis.
-Reduce The damping front and rear of the chassis. (Closer to the default values)
-Reduce The softness of the front chassis.
-Reduce The course of the cabin in perёd back (a little slackened)
-Slightly increased scaling factor of the trailer.
-Reduce the value of hardness of the trailer (by testing this is the very thing Planost travel trailer "right to left")
Recommendations: before entering the game world itself, pull on the amplitude stabilization treylera.glupo, but it helps to ensure that the trailer would be working as expected, but not as on the board.
Test version: 1.22.x

Ageratus Speac

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