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Physics for all truck v3.0 Final 1.22.x
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Physics for all truck v3.0 Final 1.22.x

UPD: 18/12/15
For all 1.22.x
 -Improved The impact in the transverse axis. (Now on grained and similar no evenness, cabin ih.net swallows bumps)
-Reduce The damping front and rear of the chassis.
-Increase Weight of the front axle (for default values Baltaev truck when cornering + junction without evenness)
-Reduce The course of the cabin in perёd back (pretty deep dived cabin, especially in perёd)
-Reduce the scaling factor of the trailer.
The test was conducted at Volvo Fh 16, 2012, Scania R, Scania RS, Volvo classic 2009

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