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Physics rework v6.1
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Physics rework v6.1

This is  vision of physics and it may not coincide with reality

copy the file to the "mod" folder and place it on top in the mod manager.

Recommended settings for v6.1 (can be changed in console or in config files):

g_cam_physics_value "1.0" (DEFAULT)
g_cam_physics "1" (DEFAULT)

g_cabin_suspension_stiffness "-1"
g_suspension_stiffness "0.3"
g_trailer_stability "0.5" (DEFAULT)
g_truck_stability "0.5" (DEFAULT)

g_brake_intensity "1.0" (DEFAULT)

residual_travel[] in chassis defs - 0.10 and 0.088 (DEFAULT)

ATTENTION!The g_cabin_suspension_stiffness parameter is set to "-1"! If you move the cabin suspension slider in the game's config, the parameter g_cabin_suspension_stiffness cannot become negative again! Then you have to set it to "-1" manually (in the console or in the profile's config.cfg file)!


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