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Pigs Trailer
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Pigs Trailer

Trailer "pig transport" by Micha-BF3
the trailer Horse trailer of "Mr_Zer" was converted to ETS 2 from me Micha-BF3 GTS,
is this a standalone trailer with its own charge "Livestock Pigs"
the trailer is exclusively for use with the download link, and may only be uploaded with this in other forums ...
there must be no new game started, only the scs. in your mod folder and have fun...

Trailer is original Hourse trailer of "Mr_Zer"
Signs of "Chiffchaff"
Pigs of "Capelle" and "rail"
thank you again for that...

  • Uwe


    2014-03-18 07:54
    Very nice, that you steal everything and host it herewithout the permission of the builder you fucking asshole
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