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Pirates of ETS 2 For DAF XF
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Pirates of ETS 2 For DAF XF

Testing, and fully working on Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.8.x

What it does:
This mod adds:
1 Skin for the DAF XF
1x Trailer skin, on a stand alone trailer, with its own unique, and rather fitting cargo
installation instructions
Right click on the zip/rar file, click "extract files", Pop the files in: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents \Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod. Once in the game, click "edit" on the profile selection screen, and select the mod, ensuring you click "ok"
The Skin can only be found in the paint shop, and only fits the DAF XF "Superspace" cab. It will not show up for the other variants, or trucks.

Because the Trailer edits the job list, and may cause the game to reset, returning you to your home garage, and cancelling any job you was on. So please finish any job you are currently on before activating/deactivating "Pirates of Euro Truck Simulator Trailers v1.scs" by thebigbadonion"
Each in game day, the game resets the job lists, and spawns new jobs. I advise you rest after installing the trailers, as once the game has reset the lists, a lot more will start to appear.

Initial Release

Since the Skin is Stand alone,  and has a unique internal name, it should have no issues with other skin mods. If however you find this is the case. It will be because of 2 skins use the same name. This is quite easy to remedy, and I may even do it for you, if you ask .
If, however you are using mods which change the Scania, or Volvo FH2012 truck models, you might run in to some issues. Especially with 6X side skirt mods, as these tend to squash the side skirts.


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