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PJ (Panjelajers) Indo Map v1.4
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PJ (Panjelajers) Indo Map v1.4

Now Panjelajers Indo Map has changed to be PJ Indo Map or you can call PJ Map. Indonesia Map with nature of Europe. Tested in ETS2 version 1.22

– Added new region for left-side traffic.
– Adapting with new features of ETS2 version 1.22
– Added six new cities in the new region (Telukmuara, Cadar, Miliharjo, Argo, Sukoilir, and Parang).
– Rebuilt all northtern part (Hajisari, Ritung, Pradasari, Paleman, Marin, Karangati, Bukitsari, and Gunungjaya).
– Added 3 ferry lines.
– Bugs fixed and made improvements.

More Information is in Readme file.

Note :
– You may not use this mod for commercial purpose.
– If you want to complement with other map mods, you must deactivate PJ_Plus file in Mod Manager.
– If you remix, transform, or build upon this mod, you must add this mod name in credit of your mod.
– No need all DLC’s (Going East and Scandinavia).

Special thanks to : ETS2 Game, some mods that inspire me, and much more.
Enjoy The Game!

Author: Septian MR

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