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Port of Murmansk v2.0 for EE 10.8 + (2 variants)
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Port of Murmansk v2.0 for EE 10.8 + (2 variants)

Returned port in Murmansk.
Ferries to St. Petersburg, the Caucasus port and Europe.
There are 2 variants in the archive:
Ferry Murmansk single scs – for single connection (without other ferry);
Ferry Murmansk with train scs – to work with the railway Tambov – Ulan-Ude.
When connecting with the railway Tambov – Ulan-Ude ferry from Murmansk connect higher!

Version 2.0:
– arrival / sending to / from the hold of the ship;
– added ferries from Murmansk to:
– Roscoff (France);
– Newcastle-upon-Tyne (Great Britain);
– Palermo (Italy);
– Reduced the cost of ferries .

Train Tambov – Ulan-Ude
The railway from Tambov to Ulan-Ude.
Compatible with Murmansk ferry.
Download: additional link

SlavikSD, Valera_T

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