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Powertrain Overhaul and Balance Mod v2 Beta
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Powertrain Overhaul and Balance Mod v2 Beta

This mod is compatible with ETS2 version 1.14 beta. It includes changes to the standard ETS2 trucks including the new DAF Euro 6. No 3rd party trucks or parts are included in this mod. It is an update to my mod Engine Overhaul and Balance Mod [1.10+].
This mod is aimed at providing better power balance between trucks at similar experience levels. It provides 11 new engines and 21 more options for customization. Some makes get more power available sooner or better yet, have an option for a high torque engine where the wasn't one before! Early on, certain makes (like Volvo) engine options may be "nerfed" to bring them in line with the others. Minimum power available at level 0 is 1900nm. Truck dealers have been adjusted to provide a minimum of 1900nm torque engines for baseline. Lower powered options are still available for some makes, if you wish to get a smaller engine for your drivers.
Engine brakes have also been changed to better match engine displacement, bigger engines should provide more brake horsepower. The "tuned" engines have increased fuel consumption to match the power increase. (Displacement increased by same percentage of power.)

Engine Unlock Progression:
Level 0: 1900-2100nm torque engines for starter trucks
Level 3: up to 2100nm torque
Level 6: up to 2200nm torque
Level 9: up to 2300nm torque
Level 12: up to 2400nm torque
Level 15: up to 2500nm torque
Level 18: up to 2600nm torque
Level 20: up to 2700nm torque
Level 22: up to 2800nm torque
Level 23: up to 2900nm torque
Level 24: up to 3000nm torque
Level 25: up to 3100nm torque
Level 26: up to 3200nm torque
Level 29: up to 3500nm torque
Level 30: all engines should be unlocked

New engines:
Cummins ISX15 2779nm torque
Cummins QSK19 3084nm torque (yes, this is not an on-road engine)
Cummins QSK19 "Tuned" 3484nm torque

Cursor 13 "Tuned" 2750nm torque
Cursor 16 3500nm torque

D2676 "Tuned" 2750nm torque
D2868 "Tuned" 3420nm torque

OM 473 3000nm torque
OM 473 "Tuned" 3420 torque

520DXi "Tuned" 2750 torque
Volvo D16G 3550 torque

The Eaton Fuller Roadranger Super 13 transmission mod has been integrated into this mod as well. This mod adds the Eaton Fuller Roadranger Super 13 as an option for every default truck. It is standalone here: Eaton Fuller Roadranger Super 13 Transmission Mod.
This transmission has 13 forward gears (1 crawl and 2 overdrives) and 2 reverse. The ratio decreases in steps of 37% to 42% for the first 5 gears, the top 8 have steps between 17% to 19%. The top 2 gears are overdrives at 0.86 and 0.73 which coupled to 3.40 differential ratio, allow for improved fuel economy and acceleration.
Realistic torque numbers only rate this transmission up to 2800NM. Good thing this is a game, since this is the best transmission ever made!
Also included in this mod is a fix for the MAN TGX 400 badge.

[v2] fixes:
Changed to load last in order.
Changed Mercedes engine names.
Fix price mistake in Scania R 560 engine.
DC16 V8 engines are also available for the Scania Streamline normal cab.


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