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Premium Neon Luminous v1.0
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Premium Neon Luminous v1.0

Worket for all truck
Tested on 1.30. Older versions – not tested.
Description: More vivid and realistic colors for a better gaming experience.
– More vivid colors
– Clarity
– Sharpness
I wish you a lot of fun.


  • Criminal
    2018-04-03 20:27
    He has more than one Account here.Zukiko and others.HE IS A THIEF !!!!!And he gives his Credits to himself. But he does nothingfrom himself.ATTENTION !!! Don´t load any Mod from him, don´t supportThiefs !!!Mod owners should announce him to the Administration !!!
  • Frederique410
    2018-04-05 00:27
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