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Project Balkans v2.3 (1.26.x)
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Project Balkans v2.3 (1.26.x)

You'll need a France DLC besides the 2 existing ones. This version includes 2 new cities in Serbia, Novi Sad and Subotica and a few surprises
Mod manager order if you’re using Promods and Rusmap:
Project Balkans Definition Package
Project Balkans Map Package
Project Balkans Assets Package
ProMods+RusMap Connection
RusMap Map Package
RusMap Model Package
ProMods Definition Package
ProMods Map Package
ProMods Media Package
ProMods Models Package 2
ProMods Models Package 1
ProMods Assets Package
RusMap Def Package

grega, volan123, HackerGamer

  • Guest
    2017-02-26 20:01
    New link http://sharemods.com/0bhpmmtxtd1y/Project_Balkans_2.3.zip.html
  • Darex2521
    2017-02-26 20:06
  • The simulator guy yt
    2017-02-27 03:24
    Come Check Out My Channel! For Daily Live Streams, Mod Showcase's And More!https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc0lX6adRo809vFmvdA4h9AThanks TSG
  • Guest
    2017-02-27 08:50
    Original Link: http://sharemods.com/cs1vt1wbt8m0/Project_Balkans_2.3.zip.html
  • Guest
    2017-02-27 12:06
    @Guest-checkerFirst things first! When a new version comes out everyone find it on:http://forum.scssoft.com/viewforum.php?f=24http://sharemods.com/cs1vt1wbt8m0/Project_Balkans_2.3.zip.html
  • Guest-checker
    2017-02-27 15:08
    @ "Guest" (or what your Name is)I´m not from yesterday, I´m in ETS2 since a lot of Years and I´ve learned, nobody as Guest to trust.And I know well where to find what, to get an ORIGINAL...Why you think, we upload here our Mods first? For not to be stolen and without any Authorization finding back our Mods on a Lot of Sites, where we does´nt want to find them.And: Why it was 2 Times deleted on sharemods ???????
  • Guest-checker
    2017-02-27 18:05
    @Guest-checker ( or what ever you are) you really check nothing! If you in that scene for a long time you should know that this side has only copys of copys, stolen stuff, paid mods aso. But if you a real checker you should have check the link: http://sharemods.com/cs1vt1wbt8m0/Project_Balkans_2.3.zip.html. This is the link from SCS Forum and no I don´t think you´re a modder or author from any project! Did you even check??????????? http://sharemods.com/cs1vt1wbt8m0/Project_Balkans_2.3.zip.html
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