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Project Japan v0.1 BETA Patch 1
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Project Japan v0.1 BETA Patch 1

Project Japan is a new map mod taking place in a 1:19 recreation of Japan. It has been in development since June 2017 and is now finally ready for the release stages. This current version includes the 3 north-central Japanese cities of Toyama, Kanazawa and Takayama with the towns and hamlets inbetween. The environments sorrounding the cities are highly detailed and hope to bring you close to the Japanese spirit and variant of truck driving!

—————– UPDATES ———————
Updated read me.
Numerous fixes with road signs and scenery.
Other smaller fixes.
Added service station in Kanazawa.
Tweaks on several roads.
Fundaments for new roads.

Instructions are found in a READ ME file. Make sure you read.

This mod is stand-alone, you need a new profile.


1. wangan_def
2. wangan_model
3. wangan_sound
4. ProjectJapan


  • Ducsnoopy
    2018-04-05 15:40
    Thank you here is finally a map creator who marks how superb maps, Thank you to you GG.In addition we have the video is great thank you to you
  • Stoked_dude
    2018-04-06 01:31
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