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ProMods v2.01 (upd: 19.02.16) 1.22.x
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ProMods v2.01 (upd: 19.02.16) 1.22.x

Map ProMods version 2.01 adds many new cities and countries .
Compatible with many maps, including RusMap. Not compatible with TSM!
Download the sure both sides , and then unpack the first part of the ordinary with WinRar or 7z ( the second part does not unpack it nado- unpack itself when unpacking the first part ) .
For use with RusMap download here :
 part 1 : http://sharemods.com/nl7p9crqs0rp/ProMods2.01_for_RusMap.zip.001.html
 Part 2 : http://sharemods.com/d02j0oii71dm/ProMods2.01_for_RusMap.zip.002.html
To use without RusMap download here :
 Part 1: http://sharemods.com/8m71thvmy1fs/ProMods2.01.zip.001.html
 Part 2:  http://sharemods.com/ev2byx0czkg7/ProMods2.01.zip.002.html

ProMods Team

  • Slon
    2016-02-23 10:48
    severe дешевая проститутка
  • Severe
    2016-02-23 12:42
    slon пидор тухлодырый
  • Slon
    2016-02-23 15:05
    о привет давалка!
  • Julesthetrucker
    2016-02-23 21:36
    Hey there! Please fix the second file for the promod usable with rusmap The one with 884 mb.Its broken This http://sharemods.com/ev2byx0czkg7/ProMods2.01.zip.002.html Downloaded it few times, still same.. Thanks!
  • Julesthetrucker
    2016-02-23 23:51
    true thats not for the rusmap i messed it but that file surely is broken..
  • Julesthetrucker
    2016-02-24 00:01
    true thats not for the rusmap i messed it but that file surely is broken..and just tried the one for rus..tyhat is broken also...fix it pls
  • Maddison
    2016-02-25 11:18
    Why you post here illegal Downlods? Don't you respect the work and wishes of the promods Team?
  • Julesthetrucker
    2016-02-25 14:00
    It works, i misunderstood how toTrue better to download it from promods site as there you can generate different def files for different pc'sLike slow,normal or high performance
  • Severe
    2016-02-25 21:16
    слоник, не пиздел бы твой рот- не болел бы мой хуй. отсоси у меня, тебе же не в падлу.
  • Promodfan
    2016-02-27 14:43
    I had a Look to your Download.1.) If somebody wants the real and full Version, go to the Homepage of Promods2.) The Download is special, because you have to make your own def-File3.) Normally it is strictly forbidden, to share the ProMod on other Hosters or Servers.
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