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Race Mod racing gearbox v1.0
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Race Mod racing gearbox v1.0

This mod includes Renngetreibe for:
Scania R
Scania Streamline
Volvo FH 16 Classic
Iveco Hiway

With this gear, the acceleration is massively improved and are much higher speeds possible! Depending on the truck 170 to over 200 KM / H!
Recommended is an engine with at least 1200 Ps! Ideal is my engine and Sound Mod ( click )
Works with ETS 2 Version   1.9.XX   and   1.10.XX
To all the killjoys: I know myself that this is a truck simulation. I also recognize that the gears are not perfectly matched, but for fun Did it last! This mod should not take seriously one and is only there for fun, what also makes them unique!

Have fun!

My website http://milcat.webnode.com/
Uploading to other sites without my permission AND orginal download link!


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