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Rain & Fog HD Add-On for Brutal Environment v2.0
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Rain & Fog HD Add-On for Brutal Environment v2.0

This little Add-On for Brutal Environment Mod only will add more realistic Rain/drops & Fog/Mist to the Environment/Roads something personally Brutal Mod is missing specially the Fog
With this Add On now you will have the Fog and more realistic Rain as well in HD both

Compatible: 1.12.x – 1.13.x versions

Mod work with Brutal Environment 10.1 & 11.1, but might work in previous Brutal Environment versions but was not tested

New in 2.0 version:
– New improved types of Fog, including heavy Fog now. Day or Night.
– Increased the intensity of Fog Conditions
– New Night Sky can be “Pitch Black” if has clouds or rain or can be clear no clouds with beautiful stars & Moon (Day & Night Sky & Clouds Remains Original From Brutal Environment Mod)
– Some Tweaks here and there Regarding The Weather/Fog
– Increased wheels particles/Splash of the Rain, Dirt of the Truck & Trailer as well

Author: Kass

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