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Range and split sound working
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Range and split sound working

Its remplacing the horn sound

For use it you need to have:_x padder version xx.

- 2 key from your keyboard for play the horn so the new sound for the range tgl.
- 1 key from your keyboard for play trailer brake 0.2second, the sound for the split toggle on xpadder.
- a mod like the peterbilt 389 you can find on this forum by example for edit the horn sound.

On Xpadder you set: " the 3 keys on ETS 2 :'2 for horn, E and H by example, and one other for trailer brake 'x' "

- Use a toggle for use 2 differents profile. like "H and E" & "H and X".    

- H "condition 'H+pause0.2 sec'" (stop automatically the after 0.2 sec).
prof1 _"E" "toggle one profile 1".
- Play uping split sound 'E' 

- Prof2 _"H" (the same things that a little higher).
- Play sound released split _"X" add pause 0.1s on the options of xpadd, (trailer brake) will braking just 0.1 sec after, just for the noise


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