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RC MAP v4.0 ALPHA 1 Edition
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RC MAP v4.0 ALPHA 1 Edition

Hello everyone,
We present to you the restart of editions of the original map of Euro Truck Simulator 2. After the game update to version 1.26 a lot was lost and we decided that we should restart the map from zero, considering that we have much more experience in issues today Than the moment we started.
RCMAP 4.0 does not need Viva La France DLC, but requires DLC North Scandinavian Edition to work properly.

Let’s list of issues:
Calais: South Coast;
Paris: SuperTop RedeTop;
Reims: SuperTop RedeTop;
Dijon: SuperTop RedeTop;
Bern: SuperTop RedeTop;
Geneve: SuperTop RedeTop;
Salzburg: SuperTop RedeTop;
Strasburg: RedeTop Supermarket;
Torinp: SuperTop RedeTop;
Venezia: SuperTop RedeTop;
Verona: SuperTop RedeTop;
Added new loads to the game.

Company folders to create new loads:
def /company/costa_sul_eu

We have many loads even though they are without direction, because they are orphans of the companies that existed in version 3.2, we will add more companies in the next version (ALPHA 2).


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