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Real Ai Traffic Engine Sounds packs 1.34
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Real Ai Traffic Engine Sounds packs 1.34

Mod updated as promised with the following changes:
- all sounds have been improved (reworked or replaced)
- new sounds for Mercedes trucks
- normal cars have less noisy and less shifting engine sounds
- brand new sounds for vans (ford transit, mb sprinter, vw transporter, fiat ducato)
- different volume level function of the type of the vehicle

Here you will find different packs of sounds covering almost all types of vehicles existent in ETS2. My work cover all road Ai default vehicles and a series of known Ai packs like Jazzycat trucks and motorcycles, TrafficManiac's sport and classic cars and also packs from Asphalt8 and TDU2 games (mostly sport and classic cars). My sounds are split by packs so that anybody can use the packs of their liking, depending on everyone's preferences in matter of traffic volume and noise supportability level
My sound packs have been constantly improved and also may include few sounds from Sound Fixes pack by Drive Safely that I adopted in my mod when he removed Ai traffic support in 1.32. credits and special thanks to Drive Safely for his sound horns but also a few engine sounds, some reworked.


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