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Real gasprices update 17.10 v1.6.4
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Real gasprices update 17.10 v1.6.4

This mod is designed for maximum realistic simulation purposes.
I like to play real, so I wrote some mod for help.

Update 1.6.4
-Aktuelle Dieselpreise vom 17.10.2017
-Alle Preise in Euro

Update 1.6.3
-Aktuelle Dieselpreise vom 09.10.2017
-Alle Preise in Euro
-Projekt Balkan 2.51

Update 1.6.2
-Aktuelle Dieselpreise vom 25.09.2017
-Alle Preise in Euro

Update 1.6.1
-Aktuelle Dieselpreise vom 18.09.2017
-Alle Preise in Euro

Update 1.6.0
-Aktuelle Dieselpreise vom 11.09.2017
-Promods 2.20
-Alle Preise in Euro

Update 1.5.9
-Aktuelle Dieselpreise vom 04.09.2017
-Alle Preise in Euro

ETS2 version 1.28
DLC: Going East - Scandinavia - Vive la France
Maps: Promods 2.20 - Rusmap 1.74 - Projekt Balkan 2.51
Trailers: all jazzycats trafic, Promods TCP 1.14, Rudi´s trailers
mods: all pvhmodding

Faroe,Finland,France,Germany,Greece,Hungary,Iceland,Ireland,Isle of main,Israel,Italy,Jersey,
Latvia,Lebanon,Liechtenstein,Lithuania,Luxembourg,Macedonia,Montenegro,Moldova,Netherlands,northern Ireland,
Norway,Poland,Portugal,Romania,Russia,Serbia,Slovakia,Slovenia,Spain,Sweden,switzerland,Turkey,United Kingdom,Ukraine...

Please do not upload to other sites, Without permission of the builder.


  • Pierrevh
    2017-10-17 17:30
    My mod gibts it longer, who copied here whom?Beware with such claims !!!!!
  • Pierrevh
    2017-10-17 17:58
    The original mod of me since 01.01.2017 that can be checked at any time! However, the mod of Blackstorm does not bother me, competition animates the business. But please be honest !!!!!
  • Devilgollum
    2017-10-17 18:14
    @PIERREVH Are you sure your mod is not a copy of the BlackStorm´s mod?. So how can you explain that the files of your mod are modified at the same time as the files of BlackStorm´s mod?. Same hour, same minute and same second all identical
  • Devilgollum
    2017-10-17 18:17
    @PIERREVH and why do you always publish your mod minutes or hours after the BlackStorm´s mod? causality?
  • Pierrevh
    2017-10-18 03:40
    This is quite simple, the data is from the page globalpetrolprices.com.Always one day after appearance and Blackstorm it is only 5 weeks.That should now also the stupid understand !!!!I wish him continued success with his mods.
  • Pierrevh
    2017-10-18 03:54
    Neuer Downloadlink http://sharemods.com/uhsl94x3mxwc/reale_Dieselpreise_update_17.10.scs.html
  • Pierrevh
    2017-10-19 08:36
    Sorry people unfortunately, must put more often a new one left because I am slandered here, a pity if one this has not copied urgently mine mod gibts since 1.1.17 from blackstorm 4.9.17 since whom here probably, also for quite stupid "I certainly"http://sharemods.com/1m971oecemk4/reale_Dieselpreise_update_17.10_-_mh.scs.html
  • Blackstorm
    2017-10-19 14:03
    ???? @pierrevh What's going on? Why so many links to your mod? I do not understand anything :(
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