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Real Traffic Density and Ratio 1.30
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Real Traffic Density and Ratio 1.30

Since 1.30, SCS has given to us a brand new traffic system, which has introduced a lot of new options to build a nice realistic traffic.
New system with different traffic density and ratio on each type of roads individually. For example, it is possible now to have more buses in cities and more trucks on motorways, also more cars at rush hours, and more trucks during the night.


  • Fake
    2017-12-20 10:26
    NO DL!!! - MOD STOLEN!!! - THIS ADWARE - UPLOAD BY fly5656 (Cruise) - ПЕТУХ И ИНВАЛИД!!!
  • Cruise
    2017-12-20 10:41
    Удалили твою хуйню с литвы залупа ты коня)))
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