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Real Traffic Density v2.3 by Cip
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Real Traffic Density v2.3 by Cip

v2.3 changelog:
-FPS improvements by reducing the max spawn count up to only necessary value
-reduced traffic on early mornings and late afternoons
-increased traffic during rush hours
-keept default train density due to issues on some France barriers
-kept default values for low density due to possible random crashes at loading
-slightly increased trucks and buses ratio comparing with cars
-for ProMods map users please place the ProMods addon above the main mod
works in 1.27 and 1.28, not below! updates may follow upon map updates

How to install:
– unzip the archive and use the corresponded mod for your profile, ProMods users must place the ProMods addon above main mod. Hungary map has a separate mod, HUNtraffic 1.28.
any other map works with the main mod only.
– place the traffic mod above Ai traffic mods and above all map mods in the load order
discussions and questions here: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=177&t=228339

Author: Cipinho

Cipinho, Piva

Cipinho, Piva

  • Mod80 hater
    2017-09-04 14:48
    Original link from owner modhttp://sharemods.com/hw3twz28rkgh/Real_Traffic_Density_v2.3_by_Cip.zip.html
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