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Reale Company Scandinavia Part 1 v1.0
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Reale Company Scandinavia Part 1 v1.0

Here are two new companies
drekkartrans = Drakkar and nordic_crown = Danish Crown
In addition, the mod u_Reale companies Scandinavien.scs
contain the ContainsReset the three companies that you already have.
The u_ stand in front so that the load mods before TSM map.
How to add the mods together is described in the ZIP file.
The following mods are then named in parts. so you get them one by one until everything is finished.
The company Ikea of ??allabouttrucksim http://ets.modhoster.de/mods/firma-ikea fits.
Tested with DLC Scandinavia and TSM 6.0 I can not say if they are running in the Promod.

by dombro

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