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Reale Trailer v1.0
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Reale Trailer v1.0

Hello friends,
mede me back after a long time. Have me now but decided this mod upload.
Here is a pack that the SCS Trailer replaced by real (Only trailer companies!).
A real company Mod follows hire .. There the trailer from Scandinavia DLC are covered. But should also work without DLC.
But tested 1.20.1 would also run on older and newer.
All skins are as always homemade.
Praise and criticism are welcome.
There are well-known companies such as Continental, Pepsi, Freja, Arla ... represent! (see pictures).
Since it arrived last time as well: The mod is uploaded directly as .scs file, thus the download takes a wneig longer, but you can pack directly in your mod folder to unzip the mod without anything.
Thank you for your download!
The mod can not be uploaded again, be passed or modified !!!


  • Etsgigant
    2015-11-14 17:49
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    What kind of truck?
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