Farming simulator 2019 mods
Realism  5
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Realism 5

Increases the price of resale of a truck (75 % of the new price instead of 35 %).
Increases the reduction on the diesel oil in your garage (20 % instead of 15 %).
Improves the sound of the rain.
Improves the graphics.
Changes the system of the levels at the level of the experience.
Changes the icons of the game (thanks to James Le Bavard).
Corrects the price of the diesel oil.
Corrects the engines of certain trucks (thanks to MichelP).
Corrects the names of certain trucks.
Corrects the prices of accessories.
Decreases the price of hiring of a driver.
Decreases the price of the abandonment of a trailer.
Decreases the price and the points of experience earned during the deliveries.
Decreases the prices of garages.
Makes begin at 6 am in the morning.
Makes begin in 176.000€.
Puts the French fines.
Puts all the French radios (thanks to Hugo Coytte).
Modifies the zooms various of the GPS and the world map.
Modifies the loans.
The map is in the real scale (but roads are always so short).
Deletes the obligation to possess 5 trucks to buy on-line.
Translates the names of the Secondary accessories of the DLC into French.

Ficfic and thanks Hugo Coytte, James Le Bavard and MichelP

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