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Realistic Driving v1.0
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Realistic Driving v1.0

Pack mods Realistic driving (Package mods Realistic driving).
These modes make the truck driving in the game more realistic.
Before you start playing after activation mods:
In the game settings, turn off the camera swinging and swaying amplitude leave the default position.
1 .Plavno move forward, without a sharp set of speed.
2 .Povoroty in the right - left without sharp brozkov
3. Umenshiny wind resistance and friction than the increased truck rolled forward at any speed.
4. Greatly increased stopping distances, better comply expressway mode.
5. Reduced response time of the brakes, you can gently slow down (short press key "S"), and at low speeds.
6. The uphill climb was difficult.
7. Sensitivity steering is now dependent on the speed. The greater the speed, the lower the sensitivity.
8. Increased the angle of the front wheels. Now it is easier to park the truck with the load, to maneuver through the narrow streets in the cities and on mountain roads.

Realistic Control For All Cars ETS2 (main) - ustanovlivaetsya in events manager on all trucks
all of the following are set higher priority.
Soft chassis Jazzycat trailers - Chassis Jazzycat trailers with altered clearance,for fashion players have connected Jazzycat.


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