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Realistic Graphics Mod v1.9.1 1.28-1.29
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Realistic Graphics Mod v1.9.1 1.28-1.29

- First and top rated graphics mod in ETS 2 Workshop.
- Completely new sky (Moon available)
- Realistic light flares
- Realistic light reflections
- Realistic light ranges
- Realistic road textures
- Realistic climates
- More vibrant graphics
- Improves game performance
- SGate's weather mod used in this mod.
❗ Attention ❗ In your graphics settings, High Dynamic Range and Color Correction options must be selected while using the mod.

In the archive added two addon:
Promods Addon Compatibility - for compatibility with the ProMods map;
Darker Graphics Addon - reduces the illumination (for those who the original is very bright).

v1.9.1 released. Changes;
- Light reflections improved.
- Light flares improved.


  • Frkn64
    2017-11-11 15:29
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