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Realistic Graphics Mod v1.9.1
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Realistic Graphics Mod v1.9.1

v1.9.1 released. Changes;
– Fixed the file version error of the skybox.pmg.
– Light flares improved.
– Light reflections optimized.
– ATS’s 1.29 version support included.

– Completely new sky (Moon available)
– Realistic light flares
– Realistic light reflections
– Realistic light ranges
– Realistic climates
– More vibrant graphics
– Improves game performance
– SGate’s weather mod used in this mod.
❗ Attention ❗ In your graphics settings, High Dynamic Range and Color Correction options must be selected while using the mod.
Required Game Version: 1.28.x or 1.29.x

Frkn64, SGate

  • Frkn64 modding
    2017-11-08 11:32
    ————————– COPYRIGHT INFORMATION ————————–Don’t edit the mod files without our permission!Don’t change the link while sharing this mod on other sites!If you do these, a copyright infringement will be reported to the administration of the site you shared our mod.Credits:Frkn64 Modding
  • Theoldman
    2017-11-08 11:39
    @FRKN64 MODDING: The person who has uploaded the mod is mods_ats do not expect this person to care about copyright.The best you can do is send a reporter to Sharemods so that this mod is deleted
  • Rtm_raul
    2017-11-08 11:48
    RGM-1.9.1 ITS FROM ATS NOT FOR ET2 and its version is RGM-1.8_ATS the last......
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