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Realistic Headlight / Taillight Flare
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Realistic Headlight / Taillight Flare

As long as you credit, you are free to use it in your other mods.

Whatever weather / lighting mod you are using, you need this mod to compliment it. This is a simple mod changing Headlight flares to be more realistic, headlights of AI can be seen from too far away, also changes tail lights to be seen so far as well..

This mod does not change appearance in your screenshots, because Flares gets lesser as vehicle appears, larger as they get far like in real. This was something I made for long discussions before, time to give it as seperate mod.


Rename it with so many ZZZZ's so that, it shows up at end of your list, because most modders tend to put flare.dds in their mods.

NOTE: It does not change light colors, or light distances of AI of original or those made by your favorite mod. It just replaces headlights / taillights original appearance.

EXPERT INFO: It's just a different flare.dds that's all by editing each mipmap seperately, rather than 1 single mipmap.

BASIC INFO: Flare.DDS is a texture file, that has traffic lights bulbs, Street light bulbs, headlights, tail lights and blinker lights bulbs...


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