Farming simulator 2019 mods
Realistic Physics JBGAMES
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Realistic Physics JBGAMES

1 New regulation of the front shock absorbers
2nd Recalibration Tire Horse and Trailers
3rd New regulation on the wheel differential With or without Trailer
4 ° Scope bumpers increased the 5th wheel
5th New regulation on Accent more realistic Driver
6 New regulation on springs Front cabin, Side and Rollover
7 New regulation in AXES Tire to avoid constant jumps
8th New weight Tire locking effect of the springs on tracks with holes or curb depending on the speed
9th weight in the cabin reset Forcing speed reduction in speed bumps of MAPS ELDORADO and EAA
10 ° Effect of turbulence on highways with stones / Cracks or holes Russmap map v1.6
12 ° Adjusting the dampers of the trailers to avoid GALLOP
13 ° balance Reduction in CABIN for side slopes
14 ° detection sensitivity increased to greater deformations on tracks with
15 ° real effect in trailers with increased balance


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