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Realistic ruble Economy v0.1 1.26
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Realistic ruble Economy v0.1 1.26

The modification makes the economy based on the ruble. I tried to do makskimalno realistic, but not too far. Earnings became significantly heavier than default
Earn on their own truck hard, the minimum prices for credit default technique - 6,000,000 About the same, they are in reality. According to this advantageous to take the credit

Recommended for Russian maps
Tested on RusMap and Southern Region
In Europe it is not entirely realistic, but tolerable.

1. Course 1 euro = 60 rubles. Although at the time of the fashion course should be about 63.5, but do not get equal amount. Prices are adjusted to the actual date.
2. Real gasoline prices. (On 13/01/17)
3. Realistic fines.
4. Changed loans.
5. Realistic incomes have hired drivers.
6. Realistic earnings. If you work for a company, the earnings will be about 50 rubles / km + surcharge for work (1500-6000). If you work for yourself, the earnings will be about 80-110 rubles / km + surcharge for work (1500-6000).
In comparison with the reality of increased earnings, but not much. Yet it is a game, not real life.
Driver Mode changed: now we can go 12 hours and sleep 6 hours (Thanks VadeeXX)..
What would make enough on the technique, it is necessary to drive a lot of flights. Earn a no-brainer. Out - take a loan
To put the best up cards.
Games Version: 1.26
Author : Rhaegar259.


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