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Realistic Scania 143m Sound mod
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Realistic Scania 143m Sound mod

A new version of my Scania 143m sound mod has now been released!
Tell me your thoughts about this new sound!

Ver 1.0
-All engine sounds replaced with 143m ones in both interior and exterior
-New blinker sounds made
-Gear air and air brake sounds used from V8 scani sound mod.

Changes from ver.1.0 to Ver.2.0
-All engine sounds have been completely re made and r/*+-andom noise removed plus looping is now 100% non clipping.
-All gear air sounds have been replaced with new ones.
-Air brake sounds have been improved from previous version.
-Blinker sounds stayed the samew execpt they are a bit louder just be heard a bit better.
-New exhaust sounds were added
-New turbo sound
-New horn sound added

If you wish to share this some where else remeber to give credits to either Thqp or my other name MrTheFlashBack!
Happy trucking everyone!

This sound mod was officially brought to you by MrTheFlashBack

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