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Realistic Vehicle Colours 1.28.x
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Realistic Vehicle Colours 1.28.x

This mod changes the colours used by AI traffic to be more realistic and varied.
It uses over 350 colours that are currently offered by some of the most popular European car manufacturers. You will see a realistic mix of bright and dull colours.

I’ve used colours from:
– Alfa-Romeo
– Audi
– Fiat
– Mercedes-Benz
– Renault
– Seat
– Skoda
– Volkswagen
– Volvo

It works with Jazzycat’s AI traffic mods and it should be compatible with all other AI traffic mods.

It’s not possible to limit the colours used by particular vehicles. This means that, for example, Volvo cars can use Renault colours and vice versa. It also means you will sometimes get a colour that just doesn’t look right on that particular vehicle. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about that, but it should be quite rare.
Test version game: 1.28x


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