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Realistic Visuals V2.3
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Realistic Visuals V2.3

NEW UPDATE - V2.3 (04/10/2015):
- Two versions of the mod - Brighter and Darker one. The choice is up to the player.
- Overall textures were changed
- Grass/Trees Color modified   
- New Tree Models/Density by the genius Knox_xss

As someone said in another topic, "Realistic" is a strong word, so I'll not say this mod is realistic, but it gives a better visual to the game over the standard's ETS 2.

I've worked on the textures of the environment, such as ground, trees, grass, road, water and so on. It DOES NOT change the weather. If you would like to use some weather mod as Improved Weather or Realistic Lighting with it, go ahead if you will, it won't cause any conflict. My Mod does not change the Flares in the game either, so you can use any Flare Mod available out there.

Tested on version 1.16.3


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