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Realistic Weather by BlackStorm
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Realistic Weather by BlackStorm

This climate mod is based on the Piva Weather Mod but with some added improvements such as:

- Mod adapted to 1.27 version of Euro Truck Simulator 2
- Removed obsolete files
- Changed the size of some textures

This mod is compatible with any map (ProMods, RusMap, Southern Region Map, TSM)

Some features of the model are:

- 62 high-resolution sky textures
- 13 types of weather during the day
- 12 types of dawn
- 13 types of sunset
- 14 types of evening
- Several types of night
- No Bloom
- Shadows of clouds
- Realistic colors
- Variable weather


- Enable HDR
- Disable color correction
- This mod must be in first position in the list of active mods

Tested on the game version

BlackStorm, PIVA, Rockeropasiempre

  • Hitman822
    2017-07-14 21:35
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    This mod looks awesome. Can the author of this mod convert or make this for ATS as well? Looks nice to have in game.
  • Guest
    2017-07-14 22:25
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    @ Hitman Just load it in ATS , Many ETS2 mods runs in ATS aswell.And weather mods runs 9/10 times on older ETS2 versions also.
  • Blackstorm
    2017-07-14 22:39
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    @HITMAN822 Yes I can adapt the mod for American Truck Simulator in a few days
  • Hitman822
    2017-07-15 06:44
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    @Blackstorm, Thanks, you're the best. @Guest, I'll download and try. If it doesn't work, then I'll look forward to Blackstorm's ATS adapted weather mod. Thanks for the quick replies.
  • Blackstorm
    2017-07-15 15:26
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    Realistic Weather by BlackStorm (or American Truck Simulator in the next link: http://www.modhub.us/american-truck-simulator-mods/realistic-weather-by-blackstorm-for-american-truck-simulator
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